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Friday Tech Tip 16/10/15

16th October 2015 General 0

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Technology should help you work better.

It should make your business more straightforward, more effective and ultimately more productive.

However, unfortunately that is not always the case.

We believe technology should be intuitive, it should integrate with how your business works and it should be customisable to your business’ needs. In the past we have worked with companies who have painfully laboured with systems that are slow, clunky and needlessly complex. The reason they used those systems was the same as so many others use systems like them, it was the closest thing they could find to what they really needed.

No-one should have to settle for technology that barely or even just about meets their needs.

So we believe if it doesn’t improve the way you work it’s not worth investing in it.

We live in an age where technology surrounds us and comes in all different shapes, sizes and prices. The wonderful reality this gives us is we have lots of choice. So it should be possible to find something that will not only suit your needs but help you move your business forwards.

One of our key values as a company is offering our customers exceptional service with affordable innovative systems. So whenever we invest in new technology our question is always, “what will help us give our clients the best level of service?”  If you want technology to help drive your business forward we would encourage you to make your choices based on your core values also.

Bespoke often comes with the preconception of expense but we believe you shouldn’t have to take a second business loan or sell a kidney to get the right technology and relevant systems to help your business to work better. Bespoke is the best way to ensure you get exactly what your business needs to grow and develop. We pride ourselves on creating our clients systems that do exactly what they need them to do and finding them the best technology to do it with for as competitive prices as possible.

Technology shouldn’t have to break the bank, but is should enhance your business.