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Social Media – Boost Your Engagement

Recently we found some research published unpacking some social media trends that are helpful to understand if you use social media to interact with customers, of the public in anyway. There are many social media platforms but it will be of no surprise to you that Facebook and Twitter are the 2 most widely used.…
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Friday Tech Tip 13/11/15

Online security is a hot topic at the moment, especially in the light of recent events concerning large broadband providers and mobile telecom companies. In an age where so much of our computing activity has moved online it can be daunting, and with so many people writing about it and so much coverage by news…
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Friday Tech Tip 23/10/15

Woolworths was one of the first UK retail giants to disappear as the financial crash began to take hold. Practically a national institution it brought the reality that no-one was safe crashing home as spending began to dramatically slow. Sadly we know all to well the harsh reality of this from all the business we…
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Friday Tech Tip 16/10/15

Technology should help you work better. It should make your business more straightforward, more effective and ultimately more productive. However, unfortunately that is not always the case. We believe technology should be intuitive, it should integrate with how your business works and it should be customisable to your business’ needs. In the past we have…
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