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Friday Tech Tip 23/10/15

23rd October 2015 General 0


Woolworths was one of the first UK retail giants to disappear as the financial crash began to take hold. Practically a national institution it brought the reality that no-one was safe crashing home as spending began to dramatically slow. Sadly we know all to well the harsh reality of this from all the business we have had to write off as companies have folded before the completion of their projects.

The information you need to manage is important to your business. When you are choosing the right information management system for your business. Who and where your data is hosted is important not only for the security of your data but for the continuity of your access to it.

Many companies lease servers for their systems to be hosted on, there are several benefits to this, better security, faster maintenance and it is usually more cost effective. At the time of purchase the servers are usually offered with a number of options for leasing periods. Our preference is to opt for longer rather than shorter leasing periods.

In this way it is important to note the company creating, maintaining and delivering a system is different from the company hosting the server the system is based on. The problem with shorter leasing periods as we perceive is the potential of disruption of service if there are any problems with the company delivering/maintaining/developing the system.

When longer leases are taken out it ensures that even if the company delivering/maintaining/developing the system goes the way of Woolworths your system should still function and you will still have access to all of your data and importantly you should have ample time to sort out an alternative company to take over any maintenance or development of your system. Unfortunately in the case of short leases if the company delivering/maintaining/developing your system defaults on the renewal payment for leasing the server your data is hosted on you will no longer have access to your information and may even loose it all together.

The continuity of your accessibility to your data is vital to the efficiency and productivity of your business so we would therefore encourage you to always find out how long the servers your information will be hosted will  be leased for. Longer leases may be a little more expensive (although usually they will work out cheaper in the long term) but we would advise they are more than worth the extra initial expense for your peace of mind that you will have uninterrupted continual access to your data as long as you need it.