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Friday Tech Tip Oct. 9th 2015

9th October 2015 General 0

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A couple of years ago we were engaged in designing a system for a client who required a text out facility to be integrated into their system.

So we spent some time researching what the best pricing and integration options that sms providers were offering out there. One of the frustrations we found in trying to get our client the best deal possible was that although many providers offered bulk sms package deals at decently competitive prices, very often they had expiry dates hidden in the small print. For example you could buy 5,000 texts at 3p per text but your credit was only valid for three months, meaning if you only used lets say 1000 texts in the three months you would actually pay 15p per text.

The problem we faced was that for our client (as with many of us) no one month necessarily looked the same. So it was hard to predict how many texts they would need, we wanted to find a sms system that would provide an economical service where credit did not expire and clients could use all the messages that they pay for.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything out there that worked quite in the way we needed.

So we created our own service instead.

We founded Causeway SMS in order to offer a service that was capable of fully integrating with information management systems as well as use as a stand alone system. Our aim was to offer competitive prices that really were the prices our customers paid. So all pricing structures come with the reassurance that all credit purchased does not expire until it is used.

If you can’t find a suitable solution to a problem we are great believers in creating your own.

What problems do you face and in fixing them could you offer solutions to many others of us in the tech world?


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