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Friday Tech Tip

2nd October 2015 General 0


We plan to start a new feature for on Fridays, each week creating a short blog with one of our tips for making your business a little more tech savvy.

As you have almost certainly noticed we live in an age when image is key. Lets be honest it is a competitive world out there so sharp graphics can be hugely valuable in making you stand out. Graphics are not everything of course, you’ve got to have the goods to back your image up but we think graphics are like the shop window of your business. Your graphics should reflect your commitment to first class products, service and experience.

A common perception is that on trend, professional looking graphics cost lots of time and money. But the good news is there are services out there that prove that not to be true. There is plenty you can produce through online design services like that are free or wonderfully inexpensive. So if you are looking to put your best foot forward but don’t have the budget to pay a bespoke designer we highly recommend using an online design service like canva.

We wish you all the best