Building software with a difference

We have created numerous individual software products for a wide range of companies and public organisations. Our brief in all cases is to create a secure, web-based information management system that meets the needs of front-line users, managers, public bodies, funders and statisticians.

Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software isnt a scary thing! We have created a 10-step process to make the process-flow completely transparent. It’s always useful to refer to when non-technical users need to know whats happening!

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Below are just a small sample of some of our fully bespoke systems created for our customers. The systems vary completely, but with one thing in common – they allow  the users to have complete access to their organisations data, and use it to drive performance and sales.

SureStart Play

SureStart Play is a complete information management system that covers all SureStart Projects in Northern Ireland. This flagship product is in daily use by over 400 users and stores data for hundreds of thousands of individuals and families across Northern Ireland.

SureStart Play is unique in that it is a highly successful piece of public procurement software. It enables staff to complete their job functions in an easy and expedient way, meaning more time can be spent supporting families with young children instead of on administration.


Kleermaker is a single software system for managing the delivery and claims/financial management of ESF/SFA Contracts from both the Prime Contractor and sub-contractor levels. Kleermaker allows for multiple contracts within a single system and for the first time offers the ability to manage and consolidate multiple provisions on a single management system. The system is exceptionally easy to use and deploy, and is a fully managed Software As A Service product.

Provided as software as a service, there is zero up-front cost to deploy, and a low set cost per user per calendar month.

1-49 users: £65 per user
50-99 users: £45 per user
100+ users: £38 per user
250+ users: £negotiable

Parenting NI – Call Management System

Parenting NI in Belfast commissioned us to make them an information management system that would enable all of their call centre staff to receive and record calls in real-time. In addition the system had to allow for supervisors to listen in during a call and record their findings on the system to enable future staff training needs to be identified.
The system we developed exceeded the initial brief and enabled Parenting NI to move all operations electronically and realise significant cost savings. The system creates real-time reports for funders and enables collation of large amounts of confidential data into numerical statistical reports for use during funding applications.

JMG Scheduler

“Quite simply the best real-time manufacturing system there is”

Scheduler is a real-time manufacturing system that we created for JMG Systems in Omagh. It controls the stock of over 1 million items and the management of turning thousands of these into kits for sale. It also manages multiple production lines across 12 shared work cells.