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Social Media – Boost Your Engagement

27th November 2015 General 0

Recently we found some research published unpacking some social media trends that are helpful to understand if you use social media to interact with customers, of the public in anyway.

There are many social media platforms but it will be of no surprise to you that Facebook and Twitter are the 2 most widely used. They individually have their own styles and choosing how to interact on each respective platform is incredibly important.

Fewer Facebook post are generally needed whilst Twitter users often like a regular number of Twitter’s bitesize 140 character posts each day.

They are both very image driven posting your update with an image averages approximately 78% higher engagement on Facebook that posts without images. Whilst it is a little lower on twitter posts with an image still average a respectable approximately 43% higher rate of engagement. Something that is certainly worth bearing in mind.

We also recommend you keep video content to below a minute to get a maximum number of view. You can also use the # function on both platforms to join wider conversations and therefore get more exposure.

Believe it or not there are also better times to post and times you should almost certainly avoid posting at. The Facebook scheduling function can be very handy for this, so if inspiration kicks in during one of the downtimes of Facebook traffic you can set it to post whenever you know it will probably do better. The best times to post on Facebook are Monday to Friday 1pm – 4pm, similarly the best time to post on twitter is Monday to Thursday 1pm – 3pm. If possible it would seem you should avoid posting on Facebook during the weekends and between the hours of 8pm and 8am. Similarly Monday to Thursday after 8pm is the worst time to post on twitter.

We have summarised the statistics we found in an infographic below to help make it a little easier to see at a glance. We hope this may help you boost your social media engagement.

Many thanks!

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